Yu Chao (趙佑) is an all-round (well, kind of) game designer/developer. He has great enthusiasm for game mechanic designing, gameplay programming, doodle art illustration, music, and creative writing. He published couple games under the name of his personal game studio – Shineright Studio.


Yu Chao Self Portrait

Yu Chao was born in the magical land of Taiwan, where gentle monsoon blows and mighty tides ebb and flow. “O, you shall be the greatest game designer!” An old sage remarked when he happened to witness the grand birth of Yu.

Unknowing that a sage had predicted his future, Yu studied diligently and tirelessly. He finally entered the magnificent Chinese University of Hong Kong, located on the towering mountains of the mysterious peninsula of Kowloon.

Though he majored in computer science, Yu always felt a strong connection to literature, history, design and art. He spent days and nights in front of the desk, obsessed with the sea of books, and finally determined to be a game designer…as well as end this article of nonsense before it gets worse.

The (Ruthless) Truth

I draw. I write. I make games.

Unlike most of the programmers, artists or umm… general human beings out there, I don’t really care whether technologies harm or benefit the human race, whether smart phones are damaging the society, or how to push yourself up the pyramid of capitalist system efficiently. I lack interest in big data, internet of things, blockchain, or making America great again. Unless they are related with game design/development or art!

That’s probably the most accurate description of my passion towards game design/development and art. I mean, it’s cool if I can make the world better or understand some popular technological terms that make me look like an expert, but what I really care is to produce fine games and artworks.

Though I dislike social networks, I won’t be able to share my works without them. Just like love, where hatred and inseparability coexist. Nevermind. If you think I’m worth following, follow me on:

or simply take a look at my projects.


If you are feeling professional and academic, mail to: chaoyu@link.cuhk.edu.hk.

Otherwise, casd82@gmail.com.

The secret is, it actually makes no difference.


If your’re bored of the nonesensical paragraphs above, take a look at my resume, CV, or whatever you like to call it: Link