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A minimal tuner & metronome app.

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This is an extremely wonderful app that not only makes the world a better place but relieves the pain of existence.

How so?

It is proved in researches of various fields of science that good music could calm one’s soul and cheer up the depressed. Since good music require accurately tuned musical instruments and precisely calculated beats, a fine tuner and metronome are essential to the production of great music.

BEHOLD!!! This app fulfills your biggest childhood dream, that is, it creatively combines tuner and metronome into A SINGLE app! WOW, MY OH MY! By downloading this app, you could produce tons of awesome music, make the world a better place, and salvage the tortured souls of living beings with the app author.

DO NOT HESITATE, download now! Since I have no idea what to write next.


  • All the ones that good apps have.

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