I’m Yu Chao (趙佑) from Taiwan, a computer science undergraduate at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I kill time by reading novels and listening to music (mostly British alt rock). I murder time by drawing, writing, and creating random stuff.

This list keeps on changing:

  • Favorite bands: Radiohead, Gorillaz, Pink Floyd, The Smiths, The Clash.

  • Favorite albums: In Rainbows (Radiohead), Magic Whip (Blur), The Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd).

  • Favorite writers: Brandon Sanderson, Irvine Welsh, Wu Ming-Yi.

  • Favorite books: A Clockwork Orange (Anthony Burgess), Trainspotting (Irvine Welsh), Down and Out in Paris and London (George Orwell).

  • Favorite programming languages: Go, C, C++, and umm…maybe *gulp* Java.


  • The first couple decades of being alive.
  • Also these.


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I am a good person.