CSCI3230/ESTR3108 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence - CUHK Course Review

Term Taken: 2019 Fall

Instructor: Prof. Leung Kwong Sak

Grading Scheme

Original Scheme:

  • Written Assignments (12%)
  • Prolog Programming Assignment (8%)
  • Weka Data Mining Lab (5%)
  • TensorFlow Neural Network Project (20%)
  • Final Exam (55%)

Scheme for 2019 course cancellation:

  • Written Assignments (21%)
  • Prolog Programming Assignment (10.5%)
  • TensorFlow Neural Network Project (21%)
  • Term Paper (17.5%)
  • ESTR Research Project (30%)


Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig.

Topics Covered

  • Searching.
  • Game Playing.
  • Expert System.
  • Learning.
  • Neural Networks.

Additional Materials for ESTR:

  • A PhD mentor for a self-chosen research project.


Prof. Leung is great and very knowledgeable, but the organization of the syllabus is a total mess. They try to fit in too much topics into a single semester, so the professor can only talk about the concepts of the materials rather than diving deep into a topic.

Also, since the professor only talk about the concepts, students have to self-learn TensorFlow and Prolog to complete the assignments. This is extremely overwhelming for students new to AI.

In conclusion, I did not learn much in this course and I would definitely NOT recommend this course depsite the popularity of AI nowadays.

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