CSCI3280 Introduction to Multimedia Systems - CUHK Course Review

Term Taken: 2021 Spring

Remote Teaching due to COVID19

Instructor: Prof. Tien-Tsin Wong

Grading Scheme

  • Programming assignments x 4 (100%)

Topics Covered

  • Multimedia digital representation
  • Compression algorithms
  • View synthesis


Usually, this course contains a group project where students work on a P2P music streaming desktop application. However, this year, since it was online teaching, we only needed to turn in 4 programming assignments. They weren’t difficult concept-wise, but just really tricky to implement correctly since they involved some amount of 3D math.

Though the professor had good delivering skills, he talked mostly about general non-technical topics during the lectures. As I was expecting to learn some interesting multimedia algorithms, I didn’t really enjoy most of the lectures.

Probably the course would be more interesting if it were taught face-to-face. But for online teaching, I wouldn’t recommend taking this course.

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