ELTU2014 English for Engineers I - CUHK Course Review

Term Taken: 2019 Spring

Grading Scheme

  • (Individual) Informative Presentation (25%)
  • (Group) Technical Specification Writing (20%)
  • (Group) Project Pitching Presentation (25%)
  • (Group) Project Proposal (30%)


This is the second English requirement for engineering majors. Students were formed into groups of 4 or 5, and were asked to go through the process of:

  1. Coming up an “innovative” product.
  2. Writing a technical specification document of the product.
  3. Giving an informative presentation on a technical detail of the product.
  4. Pitching the product to “potential investors” (aka the class).
  5. Writing a formal proposal for the product.

For me, the presentations were pretty helpful for gaining some public speaking experiences, but the writings were extremely tedious. We were required to abide an overly strict “formal” writing style when writing some simple instructions, plans, and other boring stuff. Even though I enjoy writing, the two written assignments were total annoyances to me.

Not much more to say about this course, you have to experience the anxiety and frustration yourself.

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