ELTU3014 English for Engineers II - CUHK Course Review

Term Taken: 2020 Spring

Remote Teaching due to COVID19

Grading Scheme

  • Resume writing (15%)
  • Cover letter writing(20%)
  • Business letter writing (25%)
  • Mock individual interview (25%)
  • Mock group interview (15%)


This is the third and final English requirement for engineering majors.

The first part of the course is resume writing and business writing. It was very easy and I don’t think the marking scheme is fair enough. The teacher required us to “elaborate” on every points beneath a listing, however, I believe most of the companies prefer short and concise bullet points to long elaborations. Also, since most students had the experience of writing resume and cover letters, I think most of us simply modified old resumes and turned them in. So honestly I didn’t gain much from the first part.

The second part of the course is individual and group interview. It provides a chance for you to do a mock interview for a job you applied (that is, the cover letter and resume you wrote for in the first part), which is helpful in the sense that it makes you more confident and prepared. However, since the teacher wasn’t that familiar with the engineering field, most of the questions were rather vague and general so it didn’t really resemble engineering interviews.

As for the group interview, a group of 4-5 students were thrown a topic (ours was “How to encourage more women in tech field”), and they discussed it for 12-15 minutes. It was just like the one done in ELTU1001, except the topic was always engineering-related. I always feel that group interview is extremely awkward and is more favorable for pretentious people. Fortunately, all of the students in my group were pretty honest people, so we let every one take turn and spoke for couple minutes to end the group interview torture smoothly. I don’t really think many engineering companies hire people based on group interviews, so I wouldn’t regard this assessment as super helpful to engineering students.

In conclusion, this was an ok course. We didn’t really learn much from the course, but we got the chance to use our English skills.

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