Knights Rubbish - Wendy Floopy


Wendy Floopy was once the 6th installation floppy disk of a famous operating system. However, then came CDs, USB drives, and well, cloud downloads as replacements of floppies, so her owner Bobates the Software Engineer tossed her in the recycling box without another glimpse. Bored, Wendy’s biggest interest became collecting CDs in the recycling box.

One day, Keshia Erasia, the founder of Knights Rubbish happened to pass by and fall in love with Wendy, but Wendy refused Keshia because he is ugly. Nonetheless, Wendy and Keshia still remained good friends, and Wendy became a crucial member in Knights Rubbish.



Wendy sneezes out a yellow, blue, or white CD, dealing damage to the first enemy hit. CDs in different colors have different effects:

Yellow CD: Stuns the enemy.

Blue CD: Slows the enemy.

White CD: Knocks back the enemy.


Wendy blasts a CD shockwave, knocking back and dealing damage to all surrounding enemies. (Wendy slows her fall while casting this skill in air.)

[Left/Right + Skill]

Wendy sneezes out a penetrative CD, dealing damage to all enemies in a straight line. (Each penetration reduces the damage of the CD.)

[Up + Skill]

Wendy hops upward, dealing damage to all enemies above.

[Down + Skill]

Wendy shrinks and hides in her hat. She is immune to all incoming damage while hiding.


Wendy SNEEEEEEEEZES out tons of CDs in a straight line. Each CD deals significant amount of damage to the first enemy hit.

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