Trying out Medium

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Haven’t been writing articles for almost half a year because I got back to school this spring. It’s really difficult to handle both the course works and side projects (such as maintaining a blog) at the same time, and I’m starting to worry that I’ll have even less time writing after I graduate. The “harsh” reality and “tough” life often change our hobbies into more “entertainment” ones unlike writing or other creative activities. Sad.

Ranting aside, I think I’ll nevertheless squeeze some time writing articles and continue updating this blog. On top of that, I registered a Medium account since I realized that all the cool kids nowadays post articles on that fancy site. Since I’ve always wanna be a cool kid, I will crosspost all the articles from this blog to Medium, and maybe publish some translated (Traditional Chinese) versions of my original articles there. Hopefully I can get more views.

I have no idea what to write next, so thanks for your time in reading this trash post, you won’t get it back. Cheers.

My Medium Site: @realYuChao