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Game Dev

Knights Rubbish Released

Customized 2D Following Camera in Godot

Camera Moving & Scene Scrolling in Metal Slug 3

A Brief Review of Godot Engine

2D Fireworks Effect with Unity Particle System

kQq: Mobile to Standalone

Zero Budget Marketing for Indies

Mobile Game: Portrait or Landscape

Music Syncing in Rhythm Games

Recording and Playing Audio in Unity

iOS App Dev

iOS Tuner App Using AudioKit

Animate Nodes Using SKAction in iOS Sprite Kit

Build & Test Automation for Xcode Projects Using Travis CI

SQLite Database Singleton Class for iOS in Swift 3


Stirling’s Formula - Approximation of n!

Google Summer of Code

My Experience in Google Summer of Code 2017

GSoC 2017 Conclusion

GSoC 2017 with Systers on PowerUp Project

Book Review

The Art of Game Design - Book Review


Self-Publish a Graphic Novel with Amazon KDP

Random Stuff

Shineright Studio Starts…again and again!