kQq - A Physics Puzzle Game

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kQq is a physics puzzle game where player should Guide Lil' Neg -- the main character -- to the Worm Hole by placing positive, negative or neutral charges on each game levels. The game consists of unique original soundtracks and artworks.


  • Play through 5 different galaxies
  • Original Background music
  • Beautiful black & white art style
  • Adorable animations
  • No in app purchase
  • No Advertisements
  • Color Blind Friendly
  • Enhance your IQ


You were an ordinary negative charge named Lil' Neg who drifted in the vast universe, seeking for love...Lil' Neg spent half of its life traveling, finally found its true love --Lil' Pos in an amazing planet. They stuck together all day love as if they were a whole hydrogen atom...

As bad luck would have it, when Lil' Neg was enjoying his new life with Lil' Pos, an obnoxious rocket was launched from the formidable planet Earth. Even though Lil' Pos was positive and calm, it was blasted off by the explosion of the rocket...

Brokenhearted, Lil' Neg began its long journey across multiple galaxies in search of his love...


  • Chao Yuan - Background Art
  • Chao Yu - Animation, Programming, Marketing, Graphics, Sound Effects
  • Chao Chung - Background Music

Special Thanks to Lau Yen Yen

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