Tall as the Sky

Tall As The Sky

Tall as the Sky - A Portrait Shooting Game


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Dev Diary

This game is created to attend a developer challenge held by a Taiwanese online forum. Participants of the challenge have to write articles about technology -- which I chose the Unity game engine as my topic -- daily for a 30 days streak. This game was made within the 30 days, and a daily diary had been kept during the project.

Here is the link to the dev diary (in Chinese).


Tall as the Sky is a simple hand drawn 2D portrait shooting game, which player have to control the character to avoid or shoot falling objects so that the character could grow as tall as the sky. The game is inspired by the Chinese song 和天一樣高 by 張雨生.


On a windless, hot summer night, a bunch of weird fellows were singing joyfully under the starry blue sky. When their singing reached its climax: "I WANNA BE AS TALL AS THE SKY!" (Please refer to the Chinese song 我要和天一樣高), strange things suddenly happened. Their "wishes" actually came true...

Their limbs grew and grew, up through the clouds and into the stars. An unknown journey thus began...


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