Knights Rubbish - Sirurueruerue Senyesuensuesue & Sugsesugsem Sosas


Sirurueruerue Senyesuensuesue & Sugsesugsem Sosas were once the best selling mp3 players. However, smart phones became a thing and they were thrown into the recycle bin by their owner Bobs. They joined the local gang inside the bin and became the SS brothers (even though they had no genetic ties). The gang leader Big Brother had good relationship with the founder of Knights Rubbish, Keshia Erasia, so he referred the SS brothers to Keshia. After one technical interview, one behavior interview, and one on-site interview, Sirurueruerue and Sugsesugsem finally became members of Knights Rubbish. They discarded their former title “SS brothers” for transitional justice’s sake.



Sugsesugsem: Wields Sirurueruerue, dealing damage to all enemies struck.

Sirurueruerue: Throws Sugsesugsem in a straight line, dealing damage to the first enemy hit.


Sugsesugsem: Plays a ROCK song, slowing and dealing damage to surrounding enemies.

Sirurueruerue: Plays an acoustic song, speeding up and healing nearby allies, including himself.

[Left/Right + Skill]

Sugsesugsem: Thrusts forward with Sirurueruerue, dealing damage to all enemies struck. (Sugsesugsem slides forward a short distance while thrusting.)

Sirurueruerue: Hops backward and shoots Sugsesugsem in a straight line, stunning and dealing damage to the first enemy hit.

[Up + Skill]

Sugsesugsem/Sirurueruerue hops upward, dealing damage to all enemies above.

[Down + Skill]

Switch between Sugsesugsem and Sirurueruerue. They are immune to all incoming damage when switching.


Sugsesugsem/Sirurueruerue kills himself and calls the Big Brother to help. Big Brother is invincible and deals significant amount of damage simply by touching the enemies. However, Big Brother only lives for a short time. Sugsesugsem/Sirurueruerue is revived after the Big Brother dies.

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