Knights Rubbish - Ranawato Plato


Ranawato Plato was once the most beloved plate of a famous philosopher, Bobus. As bad luck would have it, Bobus committed suicide due to the pain of existence. Ranawato then became an unused plate on the shelf (aka. rubbish). Overwhelmed by sad emotions, Ranawato dreamed of her deceased owner every night…until one day, a handsome spoon came and introduced himself. Ranawato thus forgot her past owner and ran away with the spoon. It turned out that the spoon was not only handsome, but magical. Ranawato realized that she could actually communicate with the spoon by telepathy and the spoon could do a lot of magical tricks. Together, they roamed the world, performing magic tricks and impressed some depressed souls.

The founder of Knights Rubbish, Keshia Erasia happened to be among the audiences in one of Ranawato and the spoon’s magic show. Extremely spellbound by the show, Keshia recruited Ranawato as a member of Knights Rubbish. The spoon wasn’t recruited because Keshia didn’t like spoons, nonetheless, Keshia agreed that Ranawato carry the spoon anywhere she went.



Ranawato swipes her spoon in a full circle, dealing damage to all surrounding enemies.


Ranawato clones her spoon and calls them to guard beside her. The spoons continuously deal damage to surrounding enemies for a short period of time. (Ranawato floats in the air while chanting.)

[Left/Right + Skill]

Ranawato tosses her spoon forward. If the spoon hits an enemy, Ranawato teleports to the center of the enemy while stunning and dealing damage to it.

[Up + Skill]

Ranawato floats upward, dealing damage to all enemies above her.

[Down + Skill]

After a short delay, Ranawato hides herself into the mist. She is immune to all incoming damage while hiding.


Ranawato clones her spoon and tosses the cloned ones in a frenzy. Each spoon deals damage to the first enemy hit. (Ranawato is immune to all incoming damage while chanting.)

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