Knights Rubbish - Keshia Erasia


Keshia Erasia was once the happiest eraser in the world. His owner Bobby had always placed him inside an exquisite aluminum box after using him. Though becoming smaller everyday, Keshia still enjoyed the time with Bobby…until one day, Bobby tripped on a crossbar and dropped his aluminum box on the sidewalk. The pain was enough for Bobby to forget the aluminum box and left. Keshia thus became just another forsaken rubbish on the side walk. Depressed, angered, and ERASAAAIED! Keshia picked up his companion Pencil and founded Knights Rubbish because why not? He planned to recruit other poor rubbish along his adventure.



Keshia wields his pencil twice, dealing damage to all enemies struck.


After a short hop, Keshia smashes his pencil on the ground, stunning, knocking back, and dealing damage to all surrounding enemies.

[Left/Right + Skill]

Keshia tosses his pencil forward, dealing damage to the first enemy hit. (The damage decreases as the pencil travels.)

[Up + Skill]

Keshia hops upward, dealing damage to all enemies above him.

[Down + Skill]

Keshia turns himself into a rock. While in rock mode, Keshia is immune to enemies’ crowd control, and all incoming damage is significantly reduced. (Cast any skills to leave rock mode.)


Keshia calls the Force of Erasers and ERASE all enemies on screen. Keshia is immune while chanting Ult. (Ummm… “ERASE” means dealing great amount of damage.)

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