Knights Rubbish - Othox Codox


Othox Codox was once a magic codex written by the famous sorcerer Bobbington. Unfortunately, Bobbington was executed because he stole a loaf of bread. All Bobbington’s precious publications were torn and ripped, some burnt in the merciless flames. Othox, though almost ripped into shreds, called for the Blessings of Rabimouchinus and granted a wheel chair to aid him. He practiced the magic written inside him as he ran away from the murderers and gradually became one of the greatest magic codex in the world. The founder of Knights Rubbish, Keshia Erasia recruited Othox because Knights Rubbish lacked a mage.



Othox uh… summons a word-sword and strikes with it. All enemies hit are damaged and stunned.


Othox uh… summons a word-rain. Each raindrop damages the first enemy hit.

[Left/Right + Skill]

Othox uh… summons a fire portal and shoots 5 word-missles forward. Each missle deals damage to the first enemy hit.

[Up + Skill]

Othox uh… summons a pair of word-wings and flies upward in two short hops.

[Down + Skill]

Othox uh… summons a health pack beneath his hat, healing himself.


Othox uh… uh… summons a SUPER-WORD-RAIN!!! FULLSCREEN! Each raindrop damages the first enemy hit. (Othox is immune to all incoming damages while chanting.)

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