Knights Rubbish

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A co-op platformer fighter game made with real photos, featuring our beloved character Keshia Erasia and his friends. They have risen from the rubbish and they seek for adventures. Exciting, eh?

The Knights

Keshia Erasia

Wendy Floopy

Ranawato Plato

Othox Codox

Sirurueruerue Senyesuensuesue & Sugsesugsem Sosas

and more…


  • 5 hilarious heroes to choose from.
  • Local co-op arcade.
  • Cool combo skills.
  • 5 levels in total. (About 2 hours of gameplay.)
  • Amazing photo realistic graphics.
  • Fun.
  • It only costs you couple dollars and cents.
  • Can’t think of any other note-worthy features, sorry.

Game Manual