Tuner & Music Training

A minimalistic tuner & music training app.

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This is an extremely wonderful app that not only makes the world a better place but relieves the pain of existence.

Why so?

Because this app includes:

  • Tuner & Metronome.
  • Sight Reading Training.
  • Sight Singing Training.
  • Interval Dictation Training.
  • Chord Progression Dictation Training.

Other information:

BEHOLD!!! This app fulfills your biggest childhood dream, that is, it creatively combines tuner, metronome and music training into A SINGLE app! WOW, MY OH MY, SUCH INNOVATION! By downloading this app, you could produce tons of awesome music, make the world a better place. Somehow.

DO NOT HESITATE, download now! Since I have no idea what else to write.


  • All the ones that good apps have.

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Deprecated (without Music Training):

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